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HCMC WPS Services keep you perfectly compliant.

Wage Protection System is an initiative by the UAE. WPS facilitates employers to pay salaries by electronic transfer. The system, mandatory for all companies registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation ensures that the employees receive full salary on time.

Companies that have not yet adopted WPS will face new penalty as laid down by the recent amendments.  The consequences could be rather severe as they have a cascading effect. For instance, if a company employing more than 100 workers delays salary payments, it may lead to Suspension of work permits for one month. Continued delays would result in Suspension of work permit for 60 days thereafter fines will be applicable. The Ministry may also exercise its rights and use the bank guarantee for paying the wages.


Payroll operations are a once-a-month activity and yet engage your time.  They are so crucial, not only for meeting WPS obligations but also for organizational excellence. We offer full-fledged support including:

  • Registration with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation,
  • Setting up WPS account,
  • Operating Payroll,
  • Ensuring salary payments through WPS

The advantages we bring are substantial; apart from saving time and money, you will be fully compliant with the law. Click here for a free preliminary consultation.

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