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Build unbeatable business strategy for your UAE business; we provide the deepest possible insight.


HCMC Market Research brings you an exceptionally significant advantage. In today’s knowledge world, market intelligence is the key to dominate the challenges, fully exploit the potential of your products/ services and improve the bottom line. Our Market research prior to and after setting up the business in the UAE helps you to build the right business strategy for entering and succeeding in the region. Here is a brief on the research strategies we offer.

Market Research:

Based on the needs analysis, the scope of the research extends to one or more of the following insights.

  • Estimate the potential that the UAE market holds for your products/ services,
  • Assess existing and future challenges related to investments, competition, legal, trademarks, marketing etc.,
  • Identify availability of skills, raw materials, logistics and finances,

Using interviews, surveys, pilot studies and other appropriate research methodologies, our market research consultants provide analytical and actionable reports to help in decision-making.


Feasibility Research:

Before making the big move, the smart move is to assess the business feasibility. To put it in simple terms, feasibility study enables you to know what to expect. The foreknowledge helps you to decide and develop the roadmap for appropriate business structure, investments, production/ purchases, logistics, marketing, workforce and every aspect that goes into achieving the business goals.

Our research consultants provide analysis of key scenarios including:

  • Market and Demand
  • Location, Finance and skills availability,
  • Legal requirements,
  • Competition,
  • Other inputs as required

Management Insights:

HCMC Management consultation provides recommendations that enable decisions on the mission-critical aspects of the management. The consultation evaluates various requirements such as:

  • Production/ sourcing and Investment,
  • Risk factors,
  • Expansion potential
  • Business structure related to type of company, location etc.
  • Marketing Strategies

The Advantage:

Given that the needs of each business are unique, we customise the scope of the project to suit the requirements. You are welcome to choose one or more of the research and studies. Click here for a free preliminary consultation.

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