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When setting up a business in the UAE, you would require a number of approvals from the Department of Economic, Ministry of Immigration & Ministry of Human Resources departments.Given that, the regulations stipulated by the Federal Laws, individual Emirates and the Free Zone Authorities are different for different types of companies and may change from time to time, presenting all the requirements in one place is difficult.

However, here are some of the Labour and Immigration approvals you need to do after setting up a business license in the UAE.

  • The first one obviously relates to your company per se. You will need to register with the Ministry of Immigration and Ministry of Human Resources / Labour (not applicable for Free Zone.)
  • For operating in the UAE once license is issued, businesses require Immigration Establishment Card,
  • Labour Permit, Labour approvals in UAE (Group / Individual) for recruiting employees from overseas
  • Labour Supply Certificate for companies hiring unskilled labourers from overseas,
  • Employee Labour Card: New issue, amendments, renewals, replacement and cancellation
  • Employment contract: Drafting, registration, amendments,
  • Registration under Wage Protection System (WPS)
  • Temporary Work Permit for recruiting employees from other organizations
  • Work Permit Substitution for replacing an employee of your organisation with another from your organisation within the validity period,
  • Visa for Investors, Employment, Tourist, Maid or Residence: New issue, amendments, renewals, and cancellation

Obtaining each license/ permit may involve extensive documentation and follow-up. If the process is not accomplished in the first pass due to erroneous documentation or mistakes in following the procedure, it could get complicated, increase costs and delay commencement of your business operations.

HCMC- Labour & Immigration Services Provider in UAE

As said, the process for obtaining Labour and Immigration approvals/ permits for a business setup in the UAE is transparent but elaborate. What works in the system is thorough knowledge of the law, regulations and procedure. We have a dedicated and experienced team that attends to all the minutiae, fulfil all the formalities, documentation, and follow-up with the government authorities. In other words, we help you with a quick start. Just Contact Us.

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