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Documentation for UAE business can be challenging; we make it just easy.


How easy is UAE Business Setup Documentation?

Extensive documentation is a necessary requirement for setting up a business in the UAE, just asthe obligation is an essential part of business life elsewhere in the world.And in the UAE too, the process can prove to be a complex or a smooth affair. Meticulous preparation of the applications, attestation of the certificates and scrupulously following the procedure can help you to setup the business comfortably.

Type of documents required:

The UAE allows several the types of business structure governed by various Federal and Emirate-specific laws. Different authorities, municipalities and departments, e.g. Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, Department of Economic Development (DED,) and different Free Zone Authority are empowered to grant the licenses and permissions to setup a business.

The type of documents depends upon the type of company for instance whether you are establishing a business on the Mainland, a Free Zone Company or an offshore company. The number of documents and related formalities can be mind boggling, notwithstanding the fact that UAE has simplified the procedure to a great extent.

Consider this. If you are a Non-GCC National, you would need around seven documents for initial approval alone and DED may indicate what further approvals are required on a case-by-case basis.  That gives a fair idea of the scope of the process. However, this is not a cause for concern, as HCMC has the expertise to assist you with the documentation.


20+ years of HCMC Experience:

The oft-repeated prescription of “Doing it right the first time” applies very much to documentation related to setting up business in the UAE. Our knowledge of regulations concerning business, employment, immigration, and environment and banking regulations prescribed in the UAE and the other jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates extends to over two decades.

It brings you several key advantages:

  1. Quick assessment of the documents applicable to your particular business,
  2. Organising the attestation and notarisation of the certificates and documents,
  3. Arranging Arabic translation as required,
  4. Arranging typing of the forms,applications and legal work in Arabic at the authorised typing centres,
  5. Submission of the applications to the various departments,
  6. Follow-up of approvals,
  7. Repeating the process in case additional documents are required,

We have separate teams to organise documentation requirements across the region. The teams will manage the entire governmental and municipal documentation quickly and accurately and helps you to begin operations faster. Contact us for a free preliminary discussion.

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