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Concierge services are indispensable before and during setting up a business in the UAE. And, even after the business is running at full speed, Concierge assistance can make life that much easier.

Consider this. Having not yet hired people,you are personally occupied with planning and tracking dozens of matters related to setting up your new business. While grappling with all the frenzy, you would surely not like to spend time on arranging meetings or a conference.Nor would you simply have the time for a proper marhaba (greeting and receiving someone at the airport.) These are routine but so very essential part of business and personal life.

Make a smart choice:

Rely on our concierge services. The well-trained and experienced people are courteous, knowledgeable and meticulous. More importantly, they are adept and good at handling contingencies and dealing with V.I.Ps.

Our personal assistants can help you with various tasks including:

  • Organising meetings and conferences,
  • Planning events,
  • Marhaba(greeting and assisting visitors at the airport)
  • Making itineraries for self, associates and family,
  • Reservations for hotels, restaurants and events,
  • Office premise / Business Centre Assistance,
  • Airline Ticketing and travel arrangements,
  • Similar responsibilities

We have a strong belief. You would find the concierge service so thoughtful and handy. Then, there is substantial cost savings compared to full-time employees. In all likelihood, you would opt for continuing with our corporate concierge service even after your business is up and running. Click here for a free preliminary consultation.

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