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Offshore Company setup in UAE

Company Formation in Dubai – The choice is crucial

Company formation in the UAE is the first step in the business setup process. It is also the time for certain strategic choices. The decisions you take will have extremely significant implications on what you can do and the business advantages you enjoy. A wrong choice may hamper freedom of operations, affect tax incentives, limit opportunity to buy business premises and prove costly on the long run.

Consider a few instances. A company on mainland can carry out business throughout the UAE but 51% of the business should be owned by a UAE national. Foreigners can own 100% of the business in a free zone, need not pay import or export taxes and enjoy 100% repatriation of capital and profits. But, to sell outside, they need a national partner and additional licenses. Simply put, you need to select a business structure that is in line with your goals.

Company formation choices in Dubai, UAE

While it may appear to be complex, company formation can be achieved smoothly. The UAE offers many options, so many in fact that we can say they are customized for different business activities. With clear analysis of the business requirements and thorough knowledge of the UAE business laws, it is easy to accomplish company formation. Of course, some patience and understanding of the conventions are also required.

The nature of business/ services, business category, the business location, your nationality etc., are all tied together. The three most common categories of business structure are

  • Mainland Company
  • Free zone business
  • Offshore Company

A number of variant options such a branch of a foreign, national or free zone company are available and each brings its mix of advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, if your business needs large premises or is labour intensive requiring large number of visas, a Free Zone may not exactly be an ideal choice.

Company Formation in Dubai
Offshore company setup in UAE

How to make a choice:

To summarise, whether a LLC on the Mainland or an industry in the free zone is appropriate, depends on the goals and nature of your business. In other words, company formation in the UAE is not merely arranging Arabic translation and filing forms.

HCMC has the twofold expertise to assist you with company formation in any of the seven emirates of the UAE. Our Business Setup consultation is comprehensive; capturing the business requirements from your brief, analyse them in the light of various UAE regulations and recommend appropriate strategies.

Company Formation Services:

Company formation in the UAE is a sequential process. We have extensive experience with the system and help you to follow the procedure flow correctly and complete the company formation quickly and without hassles.

Depending upon the type of company you wish to form, we assist you with all the formalities including:

  • Approval of the company’s name
  • Drafting Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Attestation certificates of education, incorporation of the parent company and other documents in India and other countries,
  • Not arising the prescribed applications/ documents in the UAE,
  • Assistance related to UAE National Partner/ “Local Service Agent”
  • New visit visa
  • New residency visa
  • Obtaining attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Registration of
    • agreements with RERA for renting/ leasing business premises,
    • Emirates post (PO Box No.)
    • cars
    • Trademarks
  • Applications for EIDA card, New health card
  • Correction in Entry/ Residence permits

The services are just indicative. Our consultants will assist you with the complete process of company formation. Contact us for a free preliminary discussion.

Company Formation services in UAE
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