Certificate Attestation & Legalization

Don't run around; Leave attestation and legalization of certificates to HCMC

You will need to submit a number of supporting documents for obtaining various licenses/ permits for setting up a business in the UAE and hiring employees from abroad. Individuals also are expected to support their applications for visa, employment card, and residence permit and so on.

The sheer number of certificates and documents that you have to produce can be daunting. Added to this, there is a further requirement; the documents should be attested/ legalized.Unless you are familiar with the procedure, the process is laborious and involves plenty of legwork. The clock in the meanwhile ticks valuable time away, delaying the business operations or work.

The procedure:

If you have time and patience, you can manage the attestation process on your own. An easier way of getting your documents attested and legalised is to relyupon an agency. There is a strong emphasis on the word “rely” because of two reasons. Firstly you will be entrusting original certificates and documents to the agent who should take special care for their safekeeping and safe return. They are too valuable for you.

Secondly, fraud and mischief are not unknown. You should be careful that attestation and legalization has not been forged, defeating the very purpose of the exercise.


HCMC Certificate Attestation & Legalisation:

We are in the UAE for over 20 years now. As a part of our business setup services, we provide Attestation & Legalisation assistance. Here are a few details you would like to know.

  • Services is provided to Corporates as well as individuals,
  • Attestation, authentication, notarization and legalization as required
  • Documents handled include
  • Educational, personal, professional or academic certificates,
  • Preliminary permissions required for final approval
  • Documents originating from India and other countries

Entrust the attestation and legalisation responsibility to us and save time,and money in the process. Click for peace of mind.

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