Brand Registration

Safeguard your brand, your most valuable business assets.


Brand Registration or Trademark Registration under the UAE law protects the Intellectual Property rights inherent in your product/ services. The brand value is intangible and yet, it is the engine that brings you profits.

Robust protection of your brands/ trademarks in the UAE has several advantages.

  • You alone will be entitled to full and free right to use the brand/ trademark and enjoy the commercial benefits.
  • Only you can manufacture, import or sell the products/ services carrying the registered brand in the UAE.
  • Just like a property, you can sell, transfer the ownership, mortgage or license others to use the “brand,”
  • Other persons cannot copy or exploit the commercial benefits of the brand,
  • You can take legal action against unauthorised use of the trademark.

HCMC Brand Registration Services:

HCMC Trademark attorneys help with the three main aspects related to Brand and Trademark Law.

  • Trademark preliminary Survey: The UAE Federal Law No. (37) Of 1992 as amended by Law No (19) of 2000 and Law No. (8) Of 2002, define trademark as unique form of names, signs, packaging, and logos etc., used to identify a particular product / service. Therefore, before registering your trademark, it is preferable to review other existing registered brands. Though this is just a precautionary step, but it helps you to plug any possible loopholes, prevent needless litigation build a robust right into your brand.
  • Trademark Registration process: Trademark registration involves detailed application process to be accompanied by a number of supporting documents that establish your right and uniqueness of the brand. Our attorneys will review the documents, and prepare and file the applications with the UAE trademark authorities. Once it is approved, we will obtain and deliver the trademark registration certificate to you.
  • Trademark Protection: Trademark registration is actually only the first stage. It may so happen that others knowingly or mischievously attempt to exploit your brand value andlegal action may become necessary to prevent the misuse. HCMC Trademark attorneys will assist you with the legal recourse such as issuing of notices and if necessary undertake litigation to safeguard your rights.

We have business-friendly and flexible policies. You may opt for one or more of the three trademark registration services to suit your business needs. Click here for a free preliminary consultation

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