You can accomplish setting up of business at costs that make business sense. We are open for a free consultation for Business setup in UAE or Company formation in UAE.

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A nearly two decades of domain expertise in Business Setup Services is a high value advantage. We offer that expertise when you wish to establish a business in the UAE. Your first move would be a truly strategic move when you choose the capabilities, network and knowledge of our Business Setup Service team.

The reason why Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC) can be a key success factor is simple.

The UAE enjoys a dynamic business environment and consciously encourages entrepreneurship. The laws are business-friendly and are administered thoughtfully. In return, the governments expect businesses to reciprocate by meticulously complying with the regulations. No exceptions are allowed.

You may need to fulfill number of formalities before starting a business in the UAE. The number varies with the business location – whether on the mainland or within Free zones. Obtaining the licenses, permissions, documentations etc., could tie up a person in knots unless very familiar with the regulations, language and procedures.




Company Formation  in UAE

Company formation in the UAE is the first step in the business setup process. It is also the time for certain strategic choices.


Government & Municipality Documentation

Extensive documentation is a necessary requirement for setting up a business in the UAE, just as the obligation is an essential part of business life elsewhere in the world.And in the UAE too,


Labour & Immigration Services

When setting up a business in the UAE, you would require a number of approvals from the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration departments.


Certificate Attestation & Legalization

You will need to submit a number of supporting documents for obtaining various licenses/ permits for setting up a business in the UAE and hiring employees from abroad.


WPS Services

Wage Protection System is an initiative by the UAE. WPS facilitates employers to pay salaries by electronic transfer.


Brand Registration

Brand Registration or Trademark Registration under the UAE law protects the Intellectual Property rights inherent in your product/ services.


Market Research

HCMC Market Research brings you an exceptionally significant advantage. In today’s knowledge world, market intelligence is the key to dominate the challenges,


Concierge Services

Concierge services are indispensable before and during setting up a business in the UAE. And, even after the business is running at full speed,


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